Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't Leave Your First Love

Yet I have this one thing against you that you have left your first love. Rev. 2
The church in Ephesus was commended by Jesus for many things. For one thing they were and active church. They served the Lord faithfully in ministry. They were also a persevering church. In the midst of the darkness of the city, they were a bright light. Persevering through persecution they experienced. Furthermore they were a discerning church. As false doctrines swirled all around them, they stayed true to the Word of God. The church would neither harbor sin, nor give place to abhorrent doctrine. The church had been built on a solid foundation. Yet for all of praiseworthy things that were taking place Jesus said He had one thing against them. The church in Ephesus had left their first love. It does not say that they LOST IT, BUT LEFT IT. The distinction between leaving and losing is important. Something can be lost quite by accident, but leaving is a deliberate act, though it may not happen suddenly. Conversely, when we lose something we don’t know where to find it, but when we leave something, we know where to find it. The question is how did this happen, and how can this be avoided?
A process of subtle spiritual erosion had taken place. It was not their love for the ministry that was called into question,or not their dedication to service, but their heartfelt devotion to savior. Perhaps they took for granted their relationship with Jesus. They no longer possessed that, "spontaneous sparkle" of love for the Lord. It all became routine without romance. Maybe they elevated the blessings of the Lord to a place of idolatry in their lives. Whatever it was they had left their love for Jesus behind. Thankfully Jesus came them the solution to deal with this sin.
Jesus gave them four things that they need to do.

1. Remember: Remember from where they had fallen.
2. Repent: What they had done was sin and therefore they needed to repent.
3. Repeat: Go back and do the things that they were doing before.

The results would very depending on how they responded to the exhortation of Jesus.

Either they would return and receive the reward that Jesus promised. Or they would not return and continue the path they were traveling and miss out on the fruit that could have been theirs.

Don't Leave Your First Love!