Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Exciting News: Book Release

I am not sure who reads this blog, but i think there are perhaps a couple of you..If you do read it, thank you, and I pray that it has been an encouragement to you...In fact it is because of some of the encouragement that I have received that I am coming out with my first book.
It is a 180 day devotional entitled "A Daily Walk." Now it isn't Oswald Chambers or Charles Spurgeon, or AW Tozer, but I pray that it will minister to someone just the same. We are working hard to complete it and meet our deadlines. When it is completed I will let you know. The book will be similar to what I write here regularly.
I also have a couple other projects that I am working on. I would totally appreciate your prayers in the process. I have had to silence many internal critics to move forward in releasing these things. I am thankful for those in the body of Christ who have the gift of exhortation.
prayerfully we will have this out and available by Thanksgiving and ready for Christmas. Love you guys... IN JESUS PJ