Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Semester at SOW

In addition to my children going back to school I am going back to teaching. I teach at the School of Worship at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. The School of Worship is a one year program preparing and equipping worship leaders for the ministry. The teaching is a wonderful blend of both biblical and musical instruction. I teach one class a week entitled, "The Principles of Ministry." In years past I have taken the class through the book of Nehemiah. Along with studying the book of Nehemiah the students read the classic book by Alan Redpath, "Victorious Christian Living." However this year we found out the book was out of print. Thus the Lord has led me in a little different direction. I am still teaching principles of ministry, but this semester we will be considering the life of David.
The story of the life of David is filled with ups and downs. It consists of anointing, preparation, and a destiny to be fulfilled. I am thrilled to be studying it with the class. I am not sure if you have ever found that your times of studying through the Word parallel your life. Then when you teach the passages that you are living they truly come alive. Well off to class, have a great day... PJ

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