Monday, September 20, 2010

Calvary Chapel Montebello

I have many favorite Bible teachers. There are so many gifted men that present the word of God in a way that I can understand and for that I am grateful. I only pray that I can do the same thing for others. One of my favorites is Pastor Pancho Juarez. Perhaps it is because I grew up in the rough part of Santa Ana, what Pancho shares resinates with me. His messages are insightful, challenging, and he has a great sense of humor. I am fed spiritually when I listen to the Word being rightly divided.
On Sunday I had the privilege of going to Calvary Chapel Montebello where pastor Pancho teaches. Through the month of September CCM is presenting teachings that emphasize Gods plan for the marriage. They have had guest speakers come to teach. Yesterday I got the chance to teach on the subject of marriage. Honestly I was a little intimidated. Pancho taught at the beginning of the month, then a Dr. who is a marriage counselor, then another guy whose ministry is all about marriage, and then me. It is kind of funny, right? Our Lord has a sense of humor..At CCM they have four services, the first one starts at 7am, and the last one is at 1:30pm. I woke up and 4:30am and got there by 6am.
It was such a joy to see the amazing work that God is doing in Montebello. The church body, the staff, the presence of the Holy Spirit, times of prayer, the worship, and the congregations amazing sense of rhythm. I drove away from the church excited about Jesus. I had trouble sleeping last night because I was thinking about all the folks that we were able to pray with. I am continually learning that God is faithful even when we are faithless. I gleaned so much from the ministry in Montebello. I am encouraged and inspired to be faithful where God has placed me and give to Jesus, my family, and our church body all that I can as an act of worship to my Savior.