Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Band of Brothers

Today I had the chance to get together with some other pastors who have been my friends for many years. We gathered in a home in OC and spent time in worship and prayer. It was such a blessing. It was so great to be with the men in that room who have encouraged me through the years. Men that have picked me up when I was down. And men whose hands I have strengthened as well. Men who have taken radical steps of faith in their lives and ministry. All of us who have taken God at His Word, stepped out in faith, and seen Him move in our lives. Also each of us has received our wounds from the battle that are scared, but healed. It was like being with fellow soldiers from different fronts of the battlefield. Today was as one man said during our time a "landmark moment." I believe it was. God is on the move. He is working. Perhaps there is a heightened sense of awareness due to the days we are living in. All of us were in agreement that we are nothing without Jesus, and want to continue to serve Jesus. Getting together with likeminded people in prayer in worship is priceless. Thanks for today brothers. I was radically encouraged to live for Jesus more recklessly and reminded why I serve Jesus.