Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 Remembered

I can still remember where I was when it happened. We were on vacation in Naples Florida. My wife and our three little boys were staying at a condo for a week. During our stay there was a threat of a tropical depression. Yet unbeknownst to us and to the world, another storm was about to hit. We rarely watch the news, but I received a call from my assistant pastor who was back at the church. He informed me of what had happened at in New York. I quickly turned on the news and to my shock and horror I watched with the rest of the world the twin towers crumble to the ground. A tragedy like no other had affected our country. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, children, sons, daughters, grandparents, all of us were affected. Sorrow beyond measure, inconsolable grief flowing from the heart of a nation. Then out of the ashes at ground zero, stories began to surface of heroic acts of brave men and women. Those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of others. At that time the country came together in a united effort of prayer. It seemed for a brief moment America was returning to its foundation. By the grace of God triumph came out of tragedy.
However there are still many today who are grieving over their loss of a loved one. There lives will never be the same since that fateful day nine years ago. Our hearts go out to them and we pray for them. That horrible event left an indelible mark upon this nation. I personally do not see the world as I once did. Yet as crazy as this world becomes, I will keep looking to my Savior Jesus. I know that all of the things going on at the present time are leading up to, and will culminate in His return.
For those of you struggling today over your loss, know that you are in our prayers. We will never forget what happened. We know that we cannot replace your loss, but we also know there can be comfort in the midst of your loss. May the Lord bless you today, and may God bless America.